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  • Dmitry Gorkun
    Morgane is a very talented freelancer. I would recommend her to my friends.
    Dmitry Gorkun
    Gorkun Group
  • Antonina Makarenko
    Fast and proficient job done. Highly recommend Morgane!
    Antonina Makarenko
  • Volodymyr Tsyglakov
    Thank you for the professional translation! I also appreciate you being well ahead of the deadline. Hope to collaborate again in the future.
    Volodymyr Tsyglakov
  • Philippe Martins
    Morgane was really efficient for translating from French to English. I recommend her!
    Philippe Martins
  • Chris Ellis
    Very enthusiastic about our project and extremely dedicated. I’m so glad we found you Morgane and we look forward to working with you again!
    Chris Ellis
    Open Languages Project
  • Sanjay Chabra
    Morgane was lovely to work with and delivered a high-quality product within a tight deadline. I look forward to working together again!
    Sanjay Chabra
    Talking Type
  • Javier Arcos
    It has been a pleasure to work with Morgane. Easy and efficient communication, she met all deadlines and kept the work flowing. We enjoyed working with Morgane and hopefully we will have additional translations for her.
    Javier Arcos
    Altavista Property

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What I Won't Work On

When I say I won’t it’s not because I don’t want to, it’s because I can’t. “But you said you can do anything!”. True, however, some fields being really specific it would take me way too long to learn about it and do a proper job. Some things are better left to specified people and I’d rather loose an opportunity than accept it knowing I won’t do a good job.