About Me

Do You Want To Climb The French Mountain Like Me?

Ok, I admit it was just a rock but hey, dream big or go home!

Don't we all want to thrive and overcome the obstacles that are ruining our lives and obsessing us? I don't know about the rest, but at least with me you got French covered! You'll never have to worry about French ever again, however, you'll be able to collect all the benefits that come from it. New clients, new audience, a whole new world!

Prepare for my energy, funny personality and incredible sense of perfection to be at your service. I will always go that extra mile for you because you deserve it. I’m here to make French a breeze, to relieve you of this burden, in order to allow you to focus on what matters most for your business or your personal self. No need to spend hours on it. That's my job!

I'm not into small talk! You'll get no bullshit from me, no incredible promises that I can't keep, no hidden fees, nothing that'll magically pop up later. Just straight up talk. I value transparency just as much as I value my clients.

How Do I Work?

  • No bullshit
  • No automatic translators
  • Nothing hidden
  • No word-for-word/litteral translation
  • I don't pretend I know everything so I do my research when necessary
  • Trivia

  • Likes animals
  • Harley Davidson
  • Chocolate, milk and dark
  • Too many TV shows, books and films
  • Can be a crazy little lady
  • Let's her inner child out on some days
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    Here's What Others Say About Me

    • Dmitry Gorkun
      Morgane is a very talented freelancer. I would recommend her to my friends.
      Dmitry Gorkun
      Gorkun Group
    • Antonina Makarenko
      Fast and proficient job done. Highly recommend Morgane!
      Antonina Makarenko
    • Volodymyr Tsyglakov
      Thank you for the professional translation! I also appreciate you being well ahead of the deadline. Hope to collaborate again in the future.
      Volodymyr Tsyglakov
    • Philippe Martins
      Morgane was really efficient for translating from French to English. I recommend her!
      Philippe Martins
    • Chris Ellis
      Very enthusiastic about our project and extremely dedicated. I’m so glad we found you Morgane and we look forward to working with you again!
      Chris Ellis
      Open Languages Project
    • Sanjay Chabra
      Morgane was lovely to work with and delivered a high-quality product within a tight deadline. I look forward to working together again!
      Sanjay Chabra
      Talking Type
    • Javier Arcos
      It has been a pleasure to work with Morgane. Easy and efficient communication, she met all deadlines and kept the work flowing. We enjoyed working with Morgane and hopefully we will have additional translations for her.
      Javier Arcos
      Altavista Property